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Have you spotted a little provocation in the title?

Farewell © kubaurbanczyk.pl

Well... it's all because the session that I would like to show you today, was in some sense a farewell. Just a couple of days after this photo shoot, its main lead - Radek Kojot has gone to the UK where he currently lives, works, blades and flies his quadrocopter. Radek Kojot is a mystery man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in one person, but above all - great person, even better skater, someone who lives for rollerblading and Polish skate scene definitely owes him a lot. I must say that I miss Radek, I miss working with him, and most of all now that he has gone, I slowly started to realize that the national roller scene here in Poland is changing. The atmosphere that I've experienced during all these years of skating and later on photo shooting is probably gone for good and may never come back (don't I just sound like a old, grumpy man?), but as would my sister say: don't cry because it's over, be happy because it happened! So I keep that in mind and try to ignore that there are divisions among skaters, social nuances and all of the other nonsense that I don't even want to bore you with (yes, it feels like I'm reliving Beverly Hills 90-210 with all its drama again). So despite the fact, that sometimes I get upset just to think about it, mostly I try to laugh it off... Because what's the point? Let's all get some perspective ... About pictures, blading and life :) And now just look at these 3 frames, Radek Kojtych himself!

© kubaurbanczyk.pl © kubaurbanczyk.pl

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Comments (8)

Basza 2014/03/31 13:15:45
BS backslide piekny, gdzie taki spocik ?
antena 2014/03/31 13:25:48
Mega fotki, najbardziej podoba mi się top soul! Kojot to zdecydowanie jeden z moich ulubionych polskich skaterów! Pozdroo
Gufi 2014/03/31 13:45:15
Wypas !!
CanisLatrans 2014/03/31 14:48:02
W wodzisławiu Basza :) Dzięki chopyyy
PC 2014/03/31 15:14:49
tez najbardziej sie jaram bs backlide'em na mega steez'ie!
Wojt 2014/03/31 15:16:57
Echhh, Kojot wracej chopie ;)
Bąku 2014/03/31 16:35:06
Miazga tekst, miazga foty ;) Kaj ten Kojot!
sCr 2014/03/31 20:43:21
bs unity ?? :)
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