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India trip shortcut.

New Delhi © kubaurbanczyk.pl

It has been almost one year since I've shown you some photos from my trip to India, and the plan was to show you some more very soon after that, but some how whole year has past in the blink of an eye without any more posts from India! So today I said to myself: "no more procrastinating! I'm doing it now!" So I did. And I managed to put these few words together along with two frames (2 is better than nothing, right?). You may wonder though why only two... well, I noticed that photographers all over the world often choose portraits as a form of work that express the essence of their visit to the exotic countries. And I felt the same, so I've chosen two portraits. It seems that in the place like India people have their life written on their faces, fighting to survive every day (you know what I mean?). After my visit to India, I have completely changed my way of looking at our European life and our problems. Have a look at this link, it's some serious food for thought.
Looking at these two pictures you can get the impression that they were shot within a few seconds away, maybe minutes. But they weren't. There were three days in between the first and second frame. And as he was seating there on the first day, he was doing exactly the same thing on the third day. I took first picture on my way back to hotel only on my second day in Delhi, at that moment of my journey I was taking pictures constantly, click, click, flash, click, flash all the time. I was so amazed by everything, I was snapping like crazy without any composition, vision or even idea what was I doing. This man from the pictures attracted my attention because he was seating so peacefully in a place where thousands of people were making so much noise, rushing in every possible direction, it was just pure chaos. And he was just seating....During the first photo I didn't ask his permission, but when I came across him the second time, I knew it was good moment to ask him. He didn't speak any English, but he allowed me to take a snap, of course with a little fee (you don't need any language to explain that). So I took the photo, and afterwards he was still seating there. Later on, I spotted him few more times, and nothing has changed. Still seating.

© kubaurbanczyk.pl

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piotrmarek1982 2014/04/03 20:15:11
Short story of two pictures, good idea. 1st frame is great, how You did it, laying on the street? :)
kubaurbanczyk.pl 2014/04/03 20:38:48
Indeed, that`s one of my favourite angles if I`ve got any ... I mean I like it, because it seems to increase the depth of field on the picture. At least that`s how I see it :)
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